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Exterior and Interior Glue on Wall HD 3d Surface Panel.

Exterior and Interior Glue on Wall HD 3d Surface Panel.


Extremely redefined 3d wall panel- Perfect for all both Residential commercial application and high traffic area


TexturedSurface HD 3d Panels shows three–dimensional effect in real time with high grade polymer material. Our 3d wall and surface panel is a rock hard, light interior and exterior surface decoration material that has been widely used to easily create distinctive walls and surfaces. HD 3d wall decorative surface panels are 3 dimensional wall-surfacing panels that work in multiples dimensions to create a continuous, sculptural wall that brings luxurious atmosphere that transmit ambiance, which are the expression of taste and prestige that gives our customers the ability to customize and re-define any space on a budget. As compared to traditional 3d wall and surface panels, HD 3d Panels solves the problem of solid effect of the pictures disappears while rotating at 90 degrees. As walk pass HD 3d Panels from each angle, you will see the life like solid effect and feel stringer sense of space.


PANEL SIZE:   19.68" x 19.68" x 0.04" max.  


OPTIONAL SIZES FOR  LARGE WALL SURFACE :  39.37" X 78.74 X 0.04"  OR   19.68" X 39.37" X 0.004"




Coverage Area: 53.8  square feet.


WEIGHT: 2.09lb/PC




COLOR:  As shown